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Porthmadog Local Produce Market is a lively market that offer, primarily produce either grown, farmed or processed by the stall holders the majority of which trade within Gwynedd. We have on offer an array of produce, from daily staples to speciality items. 

We strive to contribute quality fresh produce to the locality, and play our part in creating a sustainable environment.  There are many small businesses in the area that produce quality foods, and the market offers them a shop window.

One of our aims is to decrease the food miles that of course helps to reduce the carbon footprint.


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This Month's Recipe


Gwen’s Sweet Pancakes

10oz Self-raising Flour
6oz Sugar
2 eggs
¾ pt milk
Pinch of salt
½teaspoonful Bicarbonate of Soda
Few drops vinegar


Sift flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda into a clean bowl. Break the eggs on a separate plate/saucer then add to the flour mixture. Gradually add half the milk and the vinegar, beating to form a smooth mixture. Sugar can then be introduced, then pour in the remaining milk, beating to a smooth batter.

Allow batter to stand for about 2 hours then give it a stir before using.

Brush your frying pan lightly with butter, and stand over a medium heat

When pan and butter are hot, pour in some of your batter, allowing sufficient quantity for the size of pancakes you desire.

Cook until the pancake moves freely, turn, cook until golden.

Serve with your favourite ingredient, e.g. fresh lemon juice, filled with ice-cream and fresh fruit for a lovely dessert.

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